St. Andrews Uni CathSoc Visit Pluscarden Abbey

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Students with Fr. Benedict Hardy, Prior, and Chaplain Fr. Galbraith

Somewhat over 30 students from St. Andrews University Catholic Society came to Pluscarden for the weekend 14 – 16 February, according to well established custom, with their Chaplain Fr. Michael John Galbraith. They catered for themselves at St. Scholastica’s. Fr. Prior gave them a couple of conferences. Many of the students took the opportunity to go to confession also.

They came as a community on pilgrimage, in order to pray, and to find support and encouragement in their Christian and Catholic lives. But of course the prayerful presence of these fine young people at the monastery also gave great encouragement to the monastic brethren. We are very happy to host such groups, which are such a visible proof of ongoing youthful vitality in the Church!

Puscarden will host a Monastic Experience Retreat on the weekend of 8 to 10 August 2020. For further details please see YouEVENTS!