Rina Bird

Being a YouCAN Partner is an exciting opportunity to become involved with, and support, young Catholic adults across the UK. YouCAN’s mission is to bring together all young Catholics in the age range 18 to 35ish, together with all Religious Orders, Dioceses, and all those who have, or would like to have, association with them.

By coming together, we bring these young people together. We can also utilise our resources more effectively.
YouCAN Partners share this vision, but are still free to continue with their own mission and work for God.

In becoming a YouCAN Partner, your organisation will have the following privileges;

  • An opportunity to place a full page description of your organisation in the YouCAN website Partners pages
  • Direct access to YouCAN Events and Mission pages to advertise your own events for young Catholic adults in the age range18 to 35ish
  • Your events will also be advertised on YouCAN’s Instagram

All that YouCAN asks in return is that;

  • You support YouCAN by drawing attention to it on your Website and at events
  • Advertise events organised by YouCAN to your membership