For some time YouCAN has had in person young Catholic adult groups in Birmingham and Clifton Dioceses, but we have expanded!

We hope that many more of you UK young Catholic adults will join one of our Regional WhatsApp Groups! Then you can start to meet people who live your way and maybe even get involved in organising more and more events, so that we can connect with more and more young Catholic adults! This is no time to be shy or be on your own, so please get in touch, and you too can be added to one or more of our Regional Groups. There is no charge, no fee, nothing at all! 
These are the groups, admins and where they live,  and the groups’ Spiritual Homes… so far;
YouCAN+ (a UK group for those aged 30 to 45)
Jacinta – Birmingham 
Oli – Bristol 
Spiritual Home – Various 
Scotland, in time to divide into east and west.
Anna – Glasgow 
Christina – Dumfries
Spiritual Home – Pluscarden Abbey 
Andrew – Wakefield 
Luke – Newcastle 
Spiritual Home – Ampleforth Abbey 
Callum – Liverpool 
Louis – Manchester 
Rachel M – Keswick 
Spiritual Home – Hyning Monastery 
East Midlands
Marcin – Luton
Lester – Coventry
Spiritual Home – tbc Mount St Bernard Abbey
West Midlands 
Rachael – Oxford 
Si – Coventry 
Spiritual Home – Belmont Abbey 
Joelle – London
Raphael – London
Kate – London 
Spiritual Home – Douai Abbey 
Southwest and Wales, hopefully in time Wales to be a separate group
Nali – Bristol 
Ian – Plymouth 
Glaxy – Shepton Mallet
James – Cirencester
Simona – Cardiff
Spiritual Home – Brownshill Monastery 
Ger – Belfast 
Edyta – Dublin 
Spiritual Home – tbc

To apply to join a YouCAN WhatsApp Group, please contact Rina You will also be added to our main UK WhatsApp group so that you start to get a “feel” as to what YouCAN is all about. This helps to build our young Catholic adult community in the UK. We all need to be connected!

You will be given the following information before joining, and asked to agree to YouCAN's ethos and guidelines, which are as follows;

  • YouCAN is a UK group for young Catholic adults between ages 18 and 35
  • You can find out more about YouCAN on Instagram youngcatholicadultnetworkuk and on their website
  • YouCAN WhatsApp groups are for UK residents only. We are entirely focused on all things Catholic in the UK
  • Before being added you will be asked to provide your full name, email address and mobile number. You will also be asked to provide contact details for your Parish Priest. YouCAN may seek a reference from him in order to ensure the continuing security of the group
  • The Chaplain of the WhatsApp groups is Fr. John McGowan who is a Discalced Carmelite Friar based in Chalfont St. Peter . Also in the group is Sister Elizabeth Mary Mann who is the Superior of the Cistercian Hyning and Brownshill Monasteries, and Fr. Valens Ngiruwonsanga, who is based in Rwanda. There are also a number of Seminarians in the group and a few International Catholics. The International Catholics joined when the group was first set up in March 2020, but there were so many requests to join that no more could be accepted
  • New members, please introduce yourself, including name, parish and where you live. It would be great if you could also tell us one fun fact about yourself! This is how we get to know one another and grow as a Community.

We ask that you please bear in mind the following guidelines when chatting in all of the YouCAN WhatsApp groups;

  1. Love God and your neighbour
  2. Remember we are brothers and sisters in Christ. Thus let’s help each other get to heaven and grow in holiness
  3. We are predominantly a social group. However, sometimes it may be fruitful to discuss theological, political, moral and other issues in order to understand more deeply our Faith and the teachings of the Catholic Church. These are contained within the Catechism of the Catholic Church 1994, and summarised in YouCAT. Such discussions must take place in a spirit of humility, and respect that others may hold an equally valid, but different, view.
  4. Remember we stand for The One Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church and submit to The Supreme Pontiff. Young Catholics in the group come from all different backgrounds and we have to respect that others may hold different views, and celebrate Mass in a different way, to ourselves. We can learn from each other.
  5. Please pray for each other and especially for Fr. John, Sister Elizabeth Mary, Fr. Valens and our Seminarians.
  6. Rina tries to send out information about the Saint of the day each morning, together with a relevant Prayer. In this morning prayer we pray to the Patrons of the group, Saint John Paul ll and Sister Clare Crockett. We also pray to Our Lady Queen of Peace especially for persecuted Christians in so many places in our world, to the Holy Martyrs of Ireland, to Saint Edmund the Martyr, former Patron of England, for his intercession to end the coronavirus pandemic, and to Saint Gregory the Great to help the English Benedictine Monks at Downside Abbey as they prepare to move to another home. Downside Abbey is the Spiritual home of YouCAN. 
  7. We also try to pray the Angelus at noon and 6 pm. On most days there is a Leader who will announce when the prayer is to begin and post the words. You say the prayer yourself wherever you are, and then just message “Amen” when you have finished. We are always looking for new Leaders, so please volunteer if you are able!
  8. Sometimes it is more appropriate for a conversation to take place outside of the main group. This is certainly the case if you and just one other are chatting about something over a period of time, or where you wish to dispute something with someone that could cause upset or embarrassment.
  9. The WhatsApp group is not for the promotion of other groups. Sadly some people have joined the group, advertised their own group, and then left! Please check with Rina before posting details of events or other groups.
  10. Rina, in consultation with Fr John, will remove anyone from the group whose behaviour is considered to fall below the standards set out above.
  11. As with any WhatsApp group, your mobile number will be seen by others in the group. Rina will not divulge either your mobile number or email address to anyone else without your permission. 
  12. The WhatsApp groups are only part of the wider YouCAN network. Rina keeps in touch with the wider group by occasional emails that will also be sent to you.